Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Are Invited!

Wow!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun.  It's hard to believe that one week from today the team will have it's annual packing party to prepare for the trip to Guatemala.
We have spent the last few months getting to know one another, studying the culture, preparing programming for the kids that we will minister to and preparing our hearts for the work that God will do within us and through us.
Now we would like to invite you to join our journey!  If you haven't already, you can start by praying.  There are many things to pray for.
1.  Pray for us as we spend the next few days preparing to leave our families.  For our hearts and for those that we are leaving behind.
2.  Pray for the people that we are going to minister to and come into contact with.  For God's will to be done and our eyes, hearts and ears to be open to what he would have us do.  Also, that they would be willing and ready to receive His love.
3.  For all the kids that we will be teaching to.  The younger kids will hear about God's love and forgiveness while the teens will go deeper into social issues and leadership.
4.  For the health of our team during out time there.  For no illnesses.
5.  For our Guatemala team leads, translators and driver.
6.  For our flights: safety, anxiety, connections, and all the details that go with traveling.
7.  For the family we are building a home for.  That they can see and experience Christ's love through us.
During our trip, you will hear from every member on the team.  We will share with you stories, experiences, pictures, and prayer requests.  So check often.  And leave comments as we love to hear from you as well.  :)
Thank you for taking time to read and to pray with and for us.  We are excited to be called to this mission and look forward to sharing all that God has planned for us and the people of Guatemala.
Paula Lucero, Jenn Matthews, Heather Zagar (Lead), Paula Darr (Lead), Cheryl Moyd
Janine Simon, Elias Simon, Cassady Darr & Katie Schaefer