Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Same but Different

Over the last few days in Guatemala I have been observing a beautiful gentle people and a stunning land. I have had a lot of joy in seeing the similarities between here and home. Yet there are differences too.

At school there are the same groups of kids; shy, thoughtful, bold and the "to cool for school" group. The difference is that school is a privilege and they love it. The boys looked at Elias funny when he said he hated school.

We are the same in having joy in a new house but different in the size and finishes.

Mothers have the same joy in seeing their boys work hard and learn new skills. It is different in that my son does not support the whole family.

The kids are the same in wanting attention, laughing with joy, and playing with abandon.  They are different than my own kids because their options are limited right now and I can give my kids every advantage. My hope and prayer is that someday we as a church body can make this contrast different........

Janine Simon

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