Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blessings, Tears and Salvation

Today our day started with the delivery of supplies and blessing at the house we helped build for Dolores and her family.  So many emotions as we arrived, such treasured relationships developed in just a short few days.  Lots of hugs from three generations of beautiful women starting with Grandma, the mother of fourteen children, one of whom, Dolores was receiving a gift of a home.  Her previous home was made of just four bamboo walls.  As we walked up the path carrying the supplies we were so warmly greeted it was like we were truly family. Dolores' son, Ishmael, had such a look of pride about him.  He helped throughout the entire build and hopefully will be able to use the skills he learned to help provide for his family as the oldest son.  Over the last three days of the build we were able to really get to know Dolores' family and their stories about the struggles they face.  Loss of her husband to another woman, bad weather blowing down the walls of her home, sisters who have lost husbands to tragedy, one while 4 months pregnant.  They have struggled so much yet are still faithful in God's ability to provide for each of them.  They are an inspiration in faith that I will carry with me always.  They are so thankful for everything God has provided them.

We also delivered food and medical supplies to all past families who have received homes.  This was such a spiritual experience.  So many stories of struggling for medical needs and joblessness yet through it all they know God will provide for them.  The most beautiful thing happened at one home in particular.  When we asked what we could pray with them they said their grandmother was very ill and could we pray for her.  As we stepped into her home it was clear she was gravely ill. Pastor Diego, who was visiting families with us, informed us that she was ready to accept God as her Lord and Savior.  Being witness to this was incredible.  As Pastor Diego prayed the salvation prayer in his native language, Tz'utujil, we could not understand his words but did understand his conviction. As he prayed, it brought us tears of joy for her and our Lord.  Pray with us that the Lord will ease her suffering and if it is His will, that He will welcome her to her place in Heaven.

On a personal note I would like to say thank you to my prayer partners who took the time to write me such wonderful and inspiring letters for each day.  You have given me strength to trust in God where I feel I am weak.  Your faith is deep---thank you for sharing it with me.

Paula Lucero

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  1. Never fails that you always get more than you give when you give not to get! Love to hear the stories and hear of God's work far away. Thanks for taking the time to share. Looking forward to seeing the team upon your return. Peace and safe travel to you all.
    Pastor Kevin