Sunday, July 14, 2013

Loaves and Fishes

            Ever since I could do chores, the LEAST favorite on the to-do list to do was emptying out the trash. Even though this job took a total of about maybe 5 minutes, I hated doing it and still do to this day and my roommates and parents can tell you all that.

Today (Friday), on the way back to Guatemala City, we were told there was going to be a surprise. After driving for a couple hours, we were told we were being taken to the Ravine in Chimaltenango. As we approached the Ravine, we didn’t know what to expect and weren’t prepared mentally at all. Uncertainty, anxiety and mixed emotions were running through my head and I am sure in many others’ heads. We stepped out of the bus into rain and a bit of a stench but were greeted by smiling faces full of pride and JOY. Men, women and children of all ages work there sorting through the garbage and waste to see if anything is worth saving to clean up and then sell at the market. It took everything to not be filled with sadness but instead hope and prayers.

As we unloaded the beans, rice, milk, juice, snacks and clothing, I turned to Janine and we both questioned the amount of supplies we had. There wasn’t enough. We were told there were 40 families to divide it all to. As I prayed to myself, I heard Janine praying out loud and we were both praying the same prayer of multiplying. We started to pass out the supplies to the women and children and then the men. Before we knew it, everyone had gotten rice, beans, cookies, juice and milk… with plenty left over. We went through the line again with everyone receiving more rice, beans, cookies and juice… with some STILL left over. Friends and family, God MULTIPLIED and provided more than enough for these 40 families. All the girls received dresses. All the men received shirts. All the boys received clothes. There was even a newborn baby there who received not one but two outfits. Some men were even blessed with shoes. When Janine and I found each other after, we were in utter shock. God performed a miracle right before our eyes.

Never underestimate God and what He has planned. Our stop at the Ravine was not planned by us but planned by God from the very beginning. Though we were not prepared mentally, God prepared our hearts and equipped us with exactly what we needed. This was no doubt, everyone’s hit for the day and what a way to end the week.

As we bring this week to an end, it is only right to thank all of those who have been supporting us both financially and through prayer before the trip, during the trip and through the transition of coming home. There is no way this trip could have gone more smoothly without your help and the Father’s. God was with us every step of the way and provided the way just like He said He will.

As a team, we can all say that yes, we were impacted by the children and families we saw this week but also by the “dream team” with us, Pablo, Julia, Cesar and Ranfis. These 4 translators have something special in them that is contagious. Their leadership, love, compassion, ability to teach, patience and so many other qualities impacted us more than they or you will ever be able to understand. They were PRIME examples for the kids to look up to and even us as well. Their openness with us and the kids and the work they put into this week is commendable and they will forever have a special place both on the team and in each and every one of our hearts for different reasons.

Personally I would like ALL the members of the team. I came on at last minute and I honestly have never felt so welcomed and loved by a group of strangers. You guys welcomed me with open arms just like I was one of your own and from the get-go I felt like I have known you for years. I am so grateful to have met you and you bet I will be seeing you in the near future. Love you all and I hope I have been as much of a blessing to you as you have been to me.

At the end of the meeting, there seemed to be one for sure consensus as a whole team…

We WILL be back Guatemala, one way or another. Let’s hit the calendars!
                                                                                                        Jackie Reinink


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  1. Thank you for reminding me that God still does miracles...I just need to be open to seeing them!